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Bigger and Better

A new committee's been set up to organise the next Pride event, which celebrates LGBT+, inclusion and diversity.

We have now set the date for Saturday 13th June 2020!

We are hoping to to organise a parade and entertainment for the Market Place.

Rather than just getting Salisbury businesses involved, they are now encouraging those outside the city to be part of the day.

Salisbury's Deputy Mayor, Caroline Corbin, who is the co-ordinate for the event, told Spire FM they want Pride 2020 to be bigger and better than ever:

"We want all the businesses in Salisbury to get involved, and actually, wider than Salisbury. We want Laverstock, we want Wilton, we want Amesbury, we want all of it so that it can be South Wiltshire's Pride.  You have Swindon and Wiltshire, which takes the top end of the county, and we want to do the bottom."

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