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Cyber Attack Update

During the LGBT History month of February 2022. The Salisbury Pride UK Facebook was subjected to a malicious cyber attack which resulted event organisers losing access to the Facebook page.

Event organisers worked around the clock to restore access to the page. After contacting Facebook support and appealing about the attack. Facebook stated that the page did not meet the community guidelines and therefore would not restore the Facebook page name back.

Since 2019 the event organisers have used Facebook as a main communication platform to advertise its successful Salisbury Pride Festival 2021 and fundraising events.

We have to accept that we will have to start over again and it’s important that we share resources and information together.

The new Facebook page name will be kept as Salisbury Pride UK and is located 👇

We ask for your support by following, liking and sharing with your followers.

We would most appreciate this. 🙏

Thank you for continuous support. 😍

The Salisbury Pride UK Team

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