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Introducing Sammy

Hi!! My name Is Sammy,

The funky Salisbury Pride™ mascot!

I've lived in Salisbury my whole life!

My favorite hobbies are Chilling out drinking slushies, I love Gaming too, Sonic, Minecraft, Undertale and Warhammer ROCK!!!

I've always wanted to go to the cinema, But I don't think squirrels are allowed!

I sometimes go to a few squirrel festivals, (They're totally NUTS!) and in winter when Its quiet, I'm having to work really hard to keep myself warm! (obviously)

I'm really proud to have been asked to be Salisbury Pride™'s mascot! I think It was because I was born with an awesome tail and My outgoing personality!

By the way, I'm non binary and go by the pronouns They/Them, And for the first time in my life I feel welcome and loved for who I am and how I look and that's all thanks to the awesome Pride community!

(P.S. I love hugs and high fives by the way, If you see me, We'll strike a pose and get a photo done!!)

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