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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

A promise to an old friend is where it started for me!

I attended the original Salisbury Pride organised by my friend Kimberley Clarke in July 2016.

The event was a first for Salisbury and a very well attended first too. I was there with the local Trades Council supporting equality, diversity and with a strong hope for the future that events like this could go from strength to strength.

I became a City Councillor in 2013 and it got me thinking that my aim would be to support the community in whatever way I could to benefit all citizens of Salisbury. A seed of aspiration to see Salisbury Pride grow was planted in me on this day.

Louella from @Home organised the event for 18/19 but I was unable to attend so my information on these events is minimal. Though when it was published that I wanted to organise 2020 there was some dialogue which though well-meant left us at an impasse, where it was clear we couldn’t work together. I trademarked the logo and retain it as intellectual property (this is with consent of Kimberley who originally created it.)

I knew I was destined to be Mayor for 2020 and had (wrongly thought that Pride would be 5 that year!). I set about organising an event for June 2020, I had a few people express an interest in becoming committee members or supporters. We held a public brainstorming event in August 2019 at the George and Dragon (one of the primary venues of the first event). It had a few people attend and we wrote down our ideas. Craig took on the role of Operations Manager and he and I would often brainstorm together in the early stages.

A series of fundraisers were planned and there were promises of help and support, that night we all went away feeling positive and upbeat. Also funding applications were submitted to the local Area Boards and we waited to hear if we were successful.

The Bishops Mill agreed to host our first event organised by Marcus. Unity kicked our events off on 28.9.19. We were able to sell shots, and everyone seemed to have a fabulous night. everyone supported each other and the lovely Dixie was our hostess.

We held a superheroes and Villain's night for Halloween and Emmy the Manager at the Bishops Mill looked fabulous in her fancy dress. Again, the attendees were all happily taking part and having many photos taken.

We heard back from the Area Board and had to attend a meeting to present our case, our pitch was received warmly by some and not so by one Councillor, it made the South today news as I called her out for her comments were that of her personal view and in a role of councillor, we are there to represent all our constituents and not just those who share our opinions. She is religious and says that LGBTQ+ people are misguided by a powerful ideology. She was swiftly removed from her post of portfolio holder for social mobility, with an investigation into her conduct ensuing. She had a discussion with another committee member and her comments were trans-phobic. Well, that was our 15 minutes of fame and TV stardom over for now.

We did successfully get an award for £1000 at this meeting. We had applied to the Southern area board as well and were awaiting the outcome, which although we had bid for £2000 knew that they would only match the £1000 from tonight.